Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yea know, when I was little and played sports I always remember my dad hollering from the sidelines: "VISUALIZE!!!" heh. He firmly believed that if I could just create a clear picture in my mind of myself hitting that ball I could wack it out of the park. God bless him. heh.

The idea of visualization is still a running theme in my life but its application has taken on a different slant. Some technophiles have taken up my father's VISUALIZE battle cry in order to answer the question:

How does one get a more clear view of all of the information connected throughout the internet?

Visualization engines. Try plugging in, say, "John Frum" and see what you get!

Also on this point, some clever fellows have come up with an algorithm to visualize the "Power Struggle" on wikipedia. They're able to display all of the articles within wikipedia while highlighting the most revised (and thus, perhaps, contested) entries.